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Always stay with the photographer.
As client you get the rights of use within the
agreed terms and conditions in our contract.

How to get files

You can choose to get the files for download
or send on a DVD.


I always use contracts.
This to be sure that all agree on the terms
and conditions for the assignment.

General questions

Do you provide video service?

No. I keep to photography.

Can i bring a friend for a session?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend or a family member to a session.
Often this can make you feel more safe and relaxed.
If you are under the age of 18 it is a requirement to be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.
In some cases, where there are other models present - it might can be neded to set limits, that can be about the gender you can bring etc.

Do you work with contracts and model release´s?

Yes. All my work is based on written contracts, when i work for clients.

When it is a TFP shoot or a paid shoot with a model, i always use model release´s. When i work with a company, i also need signed model release´s from those employees who can be shown in the pictures. (This is something the company need to have signed before session start).

All this is due to the European GDPR rules.

Do you edit all of your photographs?

No. I normal make color correction and edit the light.
When and if i go ind dept with editing and retouch, it is because it is a wish from my client, and often in use with fashion or beauty shoots.

Are our digital files watermarked?

When you recieve your selected digital files, there will not be a visible watermark. This you will only find on photo proofing, where you make your selection.

All files will be digitally watermarked, with information about the shoot, copyrights etc.

How many picturews will we recieve?

It depends on the agreement we have made.
For TFP sessions you can expect about 5-10 pictures.

How long does it take before we recieve our photographs?

It depends on the assignment.
Normal i will deliver within 7 days. If we talk about a bigger session, it might takes up to 14 days depending on the amount of photos you need.
It is possible to make quick deliver within 48 hours with an extra charge.
For TFP models it will normal be within 7 days, but if a paid assignment comes between, it will take longer.

Will we recieve the RAW, unedited files?

I never give away the RAW files. I store them for a period up to 5 years, so if needed you are able to re-order.
In some cases it is possible to buy out the rights of the photos.

In which format we recieve the files in?

Depending on your wishes you recieve the files as .jpg, .png or .tiff.
It can be in RGB or CMYC.

How do we make our selection?

When the files are ready, youo will recieve a mail with password to a proofing gallery. Here you can choose wich pictures / files youo want to recieve.
I will only put up the pictures i am satisfied with my self, so maybe you think that some might be missing, and that is true.
In my pre-selection i remove pictures in bad quality, and will never deliver those.